Me the Traveller !!

I am a corporate slave who loves to be a Pathik (“पथिक”) …. a Sanskrit word meaning traveller…an explorer 🙂

Before you explore my travel world, let me introduce myself. I am part of the corporate circus…oops its corporate world…..well at times it is circus ;). A technocrat, foodie, beer lover, can’t stay without songs…just try to go with the flow and take things as they come. But when I am travelling…I am in my comfort zone…and truly alive!!

Everybody has a different reason to travel, some travel for vacation, some for celebration and some for passion. I am passionate traveller as i travel when i feel like and don’t need an occasion but then don’t really fall in category of backpackers 😉

Most of time i travel solo. I have travelled with friends as well but then my approach is just do basic planning and then explore places on the fly which then becomes challenging in a group. But when you have right set of people then travelling in group the best thing you can do….its fun …lotss of fun.

Travelling solo gives me lots of time for myself, an opportunity to meet different people and to try out different food [i have a major limitation here as i am veggie …. ok semi-veggie ;)]. Planning too much kills the fun as everything is predictable but when its random then real fun begins….yes at times is scary but then you learn that things can be handled 🙂 . There are times you get into wrong train or end up travelling in train engine [yes it happened] or budget goes through the roof but then everything sorts out and at then end you are left with an amazing experience !!

While travelling you also end up meeting lots of different people and you realise what you read in books is not always true. You got to experience yourself to understand it as everybody interprets things in their own way. Most of the time i end up meeting all nice people …don’t know why :). I like to have good conversations and solo trips give me opportunity for this as you meet so many different people. I once met a French lady on my flight back to Delhi and i was amazed by her knowledge about India, people who explore always know better !!

I have travelled to US, Europe, and some Asian countries. Japan is one place I truly adore. Europe is very scenic and is very easy to get around. I love to travel Europe by train and avoid air travel whenever possible as train journey gives you glimpse of some beautiful sights and also you interact more with people. Also Europe has a great network of trains with many good high speed trains like TGVs, Thalys, ICE, Eurostar. My favourite are ICE trains and Japanese Bullet trains…..just travel once, you will love it.

My travel blog is all about my travel experiences. I generally travel once or twice every year. You can expect travel planning, photos, Videos, food exploration in my blogs. You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel :

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