Breakfast Hunting

If you are an early riser … you will know about breakfast hunting. Breakfast is not yet ready at home and you feel hungry….so here you go on breakfast hunting 🙂

As i was staying away from home with cooking skills good enough to prepare only boiled eggs 😉 …. i use to venture out looking for place to eat. If you are staying in an area where lots of working Bachelor’s stay then you are guaranteed to find eating options quite easily but if you are staying in places with normal households then it becomes a hunt. Below are some of my favourite places :

Sharma Kachoriwala : This one is my favourite, it opens around 7am in morning and starts getting lots of rush by 8am. Its a very small shop with no seating, you got to stand and eat, but even in this small shop everything is managed very efficiently. Best way is to reach by 7:30am and park your car on the opposite side of road, buy kachoris and bring them to your car.

Saravana Bhavan : If you like South Indian breakfast then this is a very good option. Opens around 8am but queue starts building up before itself. I prefer the outlet in the inner circle near to Shivaji stadium, it clean and service is much better than the one at Janpath. But its not a cheap option as compared to Sharma Kachoriwala but taste wise its amazing.

Andhra Bhavan canteen : This one is another South Indian option and damn cheap, in fact it will give you a feel of your Hostel canteen !! A combo of small dosa, idli-vada and coffee or tea would cost you hardly 70 bucks 🙂 but you need to share tables with others and get up as soon as you finish as people keep pouring in. You can park your car in front of Andhra bhavan and follow the crows going towards the back side, you will reach your destination. Its not my fav. simply bcoz i don’t like to be rushed but then food is tasty.

Cafe Lota : I have been here twice but its not on top of my list. Its give a very formal feeling and not a place one would visit often. Menu itself gives you a feel that you are in some upscale restaurant, something i don’t like for breakfasts. But ambience wise its very nice, very neat/clean and service is good.

Other than above there are other standard options like Sagar ratna, Shree ratnam, Bikanerwala, Haldiram ….all of them provide breakfast but i like the service at Shree ratnam. Haldiram is worst in the morning.

All above places are in North to Central Delhi and haven’t ventured into old Delhi for food as i don’t think it will meet my cleanliness criteria. Also there are lots of Chole Bhature outlets open in morning but most are not prepared well with lots of oil dripping from them.

If you know some then do add to the blog comments, would definitely visit.

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