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This was my first travel blog from my Paris trip in 2007, medium wasn’t there then…imported it from blogspot :). Read on …

Even the thought of going to Paris .. brings up a good feeling. Lots of things come to mind … a beautiful place…Eiffel tower….museums … coffee shops ….So i started my journey to Paris with lots of expectations.As i got down as Charles de gaulle airport and moved out …. the first thing which came up was language barrier :(. English is not a widely used in Paris and majority of people know broken english. But still, although u have to make a little bit of effort … u can find the information.Before starting my journey … i was told by people that the best way to travel Paris is by metro train…. its cheap ..widely connected and comfortable. And it was so true…. metro network comes right up to airport. So i took metro pass along with map of metro train network [this map proved to be very useful] and entered the metro train. As train started from the station ….. i saw something i never ever expected in Paris ….. ‘beggars in train!!’ …. and for a moment i was wondering if i was really in France ;).Metro journey was good but if u r carrying lots of stuff with u then then its bit of trouble as most of metro stations don’t have escalators.Train journey was over and it was time to locate the hotel. . I was carrying 3 heavy bags …. and as i asked one lady about the address … she not only told me the way but also lifted one of my bag to some distance to help me out. Well .. i must say people of Paris are not just good looking but very helpful too. Whenever i needed any help …people were very much forthcoming and greeted with a smile. And within few hours i was beginning to feel very comfortable there.I reached my hotel …. but didn’t liked the hotel …. it was a lil expensive and very small…as we call in hindi kabootarkhana …… all facilities were there but very less space …i took some rest and then moved out to explore paris ….. there were lots of road side shops and you can buy anything u want easily . I was looking for a calling card to call back home and easily got one but again language problem [:(] …. all instructions were written in french..phew!!but as i said earlier french people are extremely helpful [:)] ….. and this time i got hold of a policeman[luckily he knew some english] and he helped me out …so i was able to call back …..First impression u get about Paris is looots of roadside coffee shops ….. so even if u r vegetarian u will not have much problem …u can always get something to eat. It gives an impression of some posh market in south Delhi … but much more organised.It was night time …i was getting ready to see wht i have been waiting for ‘Eiffel Tower’. So i took metro and got down at Torcadero station …. and the first time i saw Eiffel tower …. well it was unbelievable ….. really couldn’t believe it was in real. It was an awesome view [if u want to watch Eiffel tower then always approach from Torcadero side …. u will remember the view for life]….. i started clicking photos as many as i could [:)]. There is a lil pop corn shop on left as u approach Eiffel …. so i took my pop corn packet …moved closer to Eiffel ….There are lots of fountains and small parks ….also a little river just before Eiffel ….and most importantly no big buildings anywhere near it …… which makes the view so wonderful. Now if u want to go to the top of Eiffel u will have to spend some money ….. they have divided Eiffel into 3 levels …. and cost goes higher with each level. But one must go to the top of Eiffel even if it means lil more money. Everything looks so small from there and u start admiring this wonderful architecture …. and just wonder…how someone created this.

It was well past 12 and time to go back to hotel …. luckily metro was still available. It was a wonderful first day of my journey ….. 🙂

Next day i took a train to go to ‘Nice’ to get a feel of French sea beaches ….. well i would say it was ok ….. not upto my expectation . But the best part was train journey, TGV took just 4.5 hours to travel from Paris to Nice i.e a distance of around 900 km !! Amazing!!

I don’t like to see museums and all but if you like them then Paris is heaven for you especially Louvre museum. And Don’t forget to meet Mona Lisa in Louvre she is pretty 🙂 ……

other than that you may go to Moulin Rouge …. visit church or hang out……………..

Paris trip was a good experience and best part is you wont get bored even if you are alone.

I found it quite safe place but don’t do lots of shopping or your pocket might get empty 😉 ….

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