Cities along Rhine Valley: Rudesheim & A Ferry Ride through Rhine Gorge

Area of upper middle Rhine Valley between Bingen and Koblenz [also called Rhine gorge] is a UN heritage site and it is indeed a unique place. Rhine river between these places is surrounded by hills on both sides and there are forts, vine yards on the hills giving it a unique view.

A view of Rhine gorge from hilltop in Rudesheim

Most popular ferry ride is from Rudesheim to Boppard, it goes via Bingen and gives you the best views of the valley. I took a ferry upto Koblenz which is 4 stops further ahead of Boppard but its not worth it. Area between Boppard and Koblenz is not that scenic.

I was putting up at Cologne and then took a train to Rudesheim which is a longer journey, a journey from Frankfurt would take lot less.

Rudesheim is a small town with loads of shops along the roadside. Its very well organised, clean. I reached there in the morning and Ferry was going to depart in afternoon, so had few hours to get feel of the town. I decided to take a gondola ride to ‘Niederwald Monument’ and then walk down from there. Ride is quite scenic and it takes around 5 mins.

Once you reach to the top, monument is just few minutes of walk but besides that you can also take a circular walk of about 4kms around the monument, its almost like walking in a jungle.

After spending some time on there, it was time to walk down through vine yards and its the best part of the monument visit. You get some lovely views as you walk down and get to see vine yards closely.

There is also a restaurant while walking down, just sit there and admire the beauty of nature…absolute bliss!!

These little plants produce that expensive wine!!
Gondolas flying over Vine yards….

After walking down from the monument, i had some food and with not much time left for Ferry ride, i headed for it. One can spend more time in Rudesheim, probably a 2 day stay would be nice to experience the life in the city. I would prefer a stay more towards the hills which will give a stunning view of valley.

Ferry ride was full of scenic views of Forts and hills alongside the river, so rather than writing, i will sharing the story in pics. Here you go.

Ferry arrives
Ride is yet to begin …. a glimpse of things to come…
A ferry passing by..
A ferry, a train, cars, gondolas [very small in the background] and monument….All captured in single shot …yeahhh !!!!
Here comes Bingen….and now the picture begins 😉
Better get some wine if its not sunny….wind makes it freezing cold…
First close view of a fort …
I think that fort is now a Hotel…if not they shld make it one 😉 ….what a place to stay …
Just when i thought that we had seen them all…..came the most gorgeous of all forts !!

It is a great ferry ride and if its a sunny day then it will double the fun and if its rainy day then it will spoil the fun …. but if you happen to be near Frankfurt/Dusseldorf just go for it…. you will love it.

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