Ladakh Diaries : Bike ride to Sangam point

Sangam point is a place where Indus and Zanskar river meet. It is about 30 kms from Leh and has some of best roads you will get during your Ladakh trip. You will easily touch 100kmph without even realising and driving at that speed in between mountains on empty road is an amazing feeling.

Around 4–5 kms before Sangam is a place called Magnetic hill, i don’t really understand the concept of Magnetic hill but here you can get a small vehicle to drive around the hill [for about 1000 bucks] and there are some marked points where if you park the vehicle feel the effect of magnetic hill. Having studied enough of magnetic theory in college which went over my head, i didn’t wanna spend money on understanding magnetic effect;)

One of the best parts of a Ladakh trip is watching the Army trucks pass by and waving at them, saluting them and they always respond with a smile. And magnetic hill was the first place where we saw Army truck pass by.

It was a bright sunny day which made the trip to Sangam point perfect, its a beautiful place and bright sun was bringing all the colours alive.

Sangam view from Mountain top
See the 2 rivers with distinct colours meeting each other

Sangam point is a place where you can also go for River rafting. I didn’t go for Rafting but i am sure it will be a great experience.

Sangam is a must visit place if you are in Leh, its easily accessible with great roads and is quite nearby.

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