Ladakh Diaries : Nubra to Pangong Lake

We started from Nubra quite early as we had a good distance to cover to reach Pangong lake. Although we were told that distance will be around 160 km but we ended up covering more than 190 km and it was a back breaking journey with all sorts of challenges, there were bad roads, water slushes, lots of roads with blind curves, there were mountain roads with almost 45 degree decline. Driving on such steep declines at high mountains requires some caution and at start of tour itself we were briefed to not use clutch/breaks on declines and rely on lower gears. This small tip was very important as using break/clutch at such steep declines would heat up break and it will stop working.

Having said about all challenges above, there were good aspects as well. There were some quite scenic views on the way along with straight stretch of roads between mountains where you can drive at high speeds…its something any biker would love.

We took the route to Pangong via Agam and Shyok village and it has very scenic views.

On the way to Pangong
This small eatery was alongside a river and between mountains…a perfect place to Have Maggi
The journey ahead to pangong via Agam

After starting early in the morning, we reached Pangong in the evening and it felt like holding a glass of water after being under Hot sun. We were completely tired but were awestruck by the beauty of Pangong lake and it took away tiredness.

It started raining soon after we reached Pangong, rain, cloud cover and wind made it very cold. Another point you realise is that as soon as blue sky goes away so does the colour of lake!!

Clouds had taken over!!

As always i wake up early to capture morning views and it was worth it at Pangong.

Pangong lake in morning
Sun was trying to break through
First ray of Sun hitting the Lake

It felt awesome after reaching Pangong lake, it was symbolic as well as making it through the tough terrain gave lots of confidence.

Its a great place to visit and must be part of every Itinerary.

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