Japan Diaries : Takao to Hozukyo Hike via Kiyotaki

As i was planning day trip to Arashiyama, i came across a blog talking about a hike from Jingoji temple at Takao to Hozukyo/Arashiyama. I always to take up such hikes and it fits very well in terms distance and time taken to reach Arashiyama in terms of a day trip. It took me about 2.5 hours to complete the full hike of about 11 km at an easy pace.

I will let the pictures do the talking for this hike and before that just few tips. Carry a water bottle and wear good hiking shoes for this hike. I found just one eating place during the hike which i believe was near Kiyotaki village. Also it is quite a secluded hike, i found very few people on the way, so ensure you follow sign boards. There were times i felt hiking trail was not clear and i felt lost in the jungle ;). Also ensure you finish hike max by lunch else you will not have much time left for Arashiyama.

About to start the Hike
Colours are gonna change soon !!
This view was much much more beautiful than the picture. I stood at this point for almost 10 minutes trying to capture all the views.
The Red Carpet
Some traffic and houses as i approach Kiyotaki village
One of the most beautiful train station and end point of this hike.

This was easily the hike with most beautiful views and i would highly recommend it when the path is full of colours.

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