A Winter Trip To Iceland : The land of Ice and Fire — Part 2

Best part about Iceland is that you have something new to explore at every step, you are surrounded by snow and then you find Hot water springs or Lava crater !! or Icelandic Horses :)). Icelandic horses have good tolerance for cold … and remember just give them some food , they will let you take a selfie … they have learnt the tricks !!

Icelandic Horses

As the second day of tour started, things looked a little different. There was no sign of snowfall but you could see some blue sky.

Yuhoo…its gonna be clear sky and hopefully sunny day!!

I love clear blue sky and watching sunrise. A look of clear sky after snowfall a day earlier brought some smiles :).

On a winter day, getting a clear sky with sunshine is just what you want.

Ohh yes…Here comes my friend…Its gonna be a bright bright sunshine!!

Our first destination on Day 2 was Sólheimajökull, the glacier tongue. Here we were going to do Glacier hiking. I have a history of running towards snow in excitement and having a fall like you see in “Tom & Jerry” and i ensured track record stays intact ;). But soon we were provided with Hiking gear which included crampons and with crampons, you can easily walk on hard snow. Also note note the black color ash on glacier that came from Volcano under the Glacier.

Getting ready for Hiking
All set for Hiking
Frozen river just below Glacier
That looked scary…
Thats our guide on Hiking. You see those marks on snow, thts how he climbed up there !! A complete expert…
See those little rainbows on snow…

Next we were headed to Black sand beach [ song “Gerua” from Hindi movie Dilwale was shot here]. Before we headed towards the beach there was a warning to always keep an eye to sea and don’t go too close as this beach has history of people drowning due to high waves. Luckily for us, sea was having a calm day.

An Icelandic church on the way to Black sand beach. A red color on the roof is common feature of most Icelandic churches. Also see those houses below, i wonder people live in these remote areas in winter or may be they move to different place.
Black sand beach
Black sand beach
Even if its beach…snow is always nearby 😉

Last destination of the day was Skógafoss Waterfall, not as spectecular as Gullfoss waterfall but then it was lovely evening and i managed to capture some nice views.

Skógafoss Waterfall
Skógafoss Waterfall
Sunset view from top of Skógafoss Waterfall

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