A Winter Trip To Iceland : The land of Ice and Fire — Part 3

The last day of the tour started with a bad news, weather was not good. It was the day when we were supposed to visit Ice caves and the road connecting to Ice caves was having some high speed winds touching almost 30mph. Our tour operator told us that if they drive in winds above 24mph then they may end up loosing the insurance 🙁 . We were supposed the depart at 8am ,it was already 9am and winds were not slowing down. In winter days, daylight is precious as sun sets by 4pm. Anyway we departed at 9am and decided to visit other places as we waited for winds to slow down.

I like these white Icelandic highways…wanna drive on them someday
Somewhere in Iceland in middle of Volcanic rocks
Ice and rocks for as long as you can see
Hvannadalshnúkur : Icelands highest peak
You can watch it for hours…it looked beautiful
After multiple attempts managed to capture this from tour bus…..This one was a very different view….large plane area with no mountains and a carpet a scattered snow

Finally came that problematic area with heavy winds as stretch was not big and our tour operator was very experienced, he decided to go ahead and i just wanted to clap for him. See this video and feel the wind, one could feel wind hitting the bus.

Next destination was Diamond beach, its called Diamond beach as there are lots of pieces of Ice lying on the beach

Diamond Beach
Diamond Beach
Diamond Beach : Wherever you go …. Snow follows you…

Next came the Glacier Lagoon. I liked this place. This place is located near the glacier Jokulsarlon and has lots of Icebergs floating hence the name.

Glacier Lagoon — Jokulsarlon

Now came the big which i was waiting for, the Ice caves. As Ice caves are located somewhere in Glacier, i knew for sure its gonna be windy and very cold, so i was all covered up 🙂 and jumped onto the special vehicle which was supposed to take us to Ice cave in the Glacier.

Vehicle to take people to ice cave 🙂 …looked awesome!!
Thats the Ice cave we were going to enter
Glacier Ice is so compressed that all oxygen is removed from ice which gives rise to the blue color
This portion of Ice cave was flooded so entry was blocked…
Standing on top of Ice cave
The Glacier
View of Glacier and a frozen river from a view point on the return journey…

All destinations done …. we were heading towards Reykjavik but was something missing?? Of course the Northern lights!! How can Iceland trip be complete without Northern lights. But you need some luck with them as they are not guaranteed. We did manage to capture some Northern lights on 2nd day of tour but it was very dim and it was cold, windy in the night which made things tough but luck was on our side. While returning to Reykjavik after completing the tour, our tour operator spotted Northern lights on way and he stopped the bus giving us another opportunity to capture them [another big clap for him]

A big thanks to my fellow traveller on the tour …. he had an amazing camera which helped me to capture this image

An amazing journey finally came to an end…with lots of memories. Iceland is beautiful country with so many scenic places….I will go back for sure but in summer to see another side of Iceland.

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