Delhi Metro Tales

As Delhi metro network has been expanding, i have started using more and more of it. Its quite convenient and you don’t have to face any traffic jams too.

Since i started using it on daily basis, i realized it has become way of life in Delhi. Everyday right from boarding metro train to getting down is a story in itself.

That serpentine queue which can grows like a topsy during rush hours. Standing in queue is so much out of fashion that people find way to somehow sneak in as if the queue didn’t existed. There are separate queues depending on whether you have a bag with you or not and generally queue for female commuters are short [at least at my station]. So there is an innovative way to move faster, if you are accompanying a female passenger just pass on all bags !!

That magic scanner in the hands of security personnel. I don’t know what it does as i have never seen anybody being filtered out on that basis.

That sprint for seat which begins as soon as train stops at station. You can bring in as many processes as you want but somehow pushing and rushing is how it works.

That fellow with shaking leg who never realizes how troublesome it is for fellow commuters. Its futile to tell them to stop, so you better change the seat.

That group who never lets you in and pretend as if they have not seen you. You need to tell them 3 times and still they will give space which matches the narrow gali of chandni chowk to move in.

That seat grabber group who will first ask for a little space for themselves then for another friend and after 5 minutes you realize that may be its you asked for extra space as other people are now sitting comfortably !!

All these little things are part of daily metro travel and one gets use to it. I think its a great way of travel in a big city like Delhi but its expensive and probably little reduction in fare will help.

Travel by metro will surely keep you fit even if you don’t go to gym. It also gives you time for yourself.

Try it out!!

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