Ladakh Diaries : Tso Moriri Lake

Ladakh trips generally include 3 high altitude Salt water lakes, Pangong lake, Tso Kar lake and Tso Moriri lake. Tso Moriri was our final destination in this series. It is located at a height of 14,836 feet and it provides some beautiful views.

Our journey to Tso Moriri started from Tsokar lake and i must say that major part of road is horrible as its under construction. Although distance is not huge but the poor road condition make it a much longer Journey. But once you reach Tsomoriri, you just forget it all. The deep blue colour on a bright sunny day, is an absolute treat to eyes.

Before one enters Tsomoriri lake area, there is a checkpost at the entry point which needs to be crossed. At the checkpost they check your ID and permit. Our backup vehicle where all the papers were kept had broken down, so here we were waiting at the checkpost after long and tiring journey. After half an hour the guards at checkpost were kind enough to help us go through with some basic validation. But while waiting at checkpost i didn’t miss opportunity to click some pics 🙂

Once we reached, we had some simple but delicious food

As you approach Tsomoriri lake probably 10 kms before the destination there was this random lake, i don’t know its name. It was green in colour, the only green color lake we saw. It looked gorgeous.

Once we reached our camping site, we headed towards the Tsomoriri view point and that is the place from where you get views of Tsomoriri. Sun Sets a little early here as place is surrounded by mountains and wind starts picking which makes it quite chilly. So ensure you reach the place before 4pm to be able to spend sometime there.

It was sunset time
It was beginning to get dark but you still want to stay there

Luck was in our favour when we reached Tsomoriri as it was bright and sunny and it gave us some nice views of the lake. This is a must visit for all Ladakh travellers.

The lake gets frozen in winters but its not accessible at that time. It would be a treat to watch frozen Tsomoriri lake.

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