Lokesh Kumar

Paris …. the city of lights …

This was my first travel blog from my Paris trip in 2007, medium wasn’t there then…imported it from blogspot :). Read on … Even the thought of going to Paris .. brings up a good feeling. Lots of things come to mind … a beautiful place…Eiffel tower….museums … coffee shops ….So i started my journey to Paris with lots of expectations.As […]


Travel Apps

When you travel you spend good amount of time researching and planning. As i went about planning my trips, i found some useful apps. Here is a compilation of some of my favourite apps: Google Trips : This is my favourite trip manager/planner app. You don’t need to do anything just use gmail account to receive […]


Breakfast Hunting

If you are an early riser … you will know about breakfast hunting. Breakfast is not yet ready at home and you feel hungry….so here you go on breakfast hunting 🙂 As i was staying away from home with cooking skills good enough to prepare only boiled eggs 😉 …. i use to venture out looking for place to […]